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About Our Firm

The Law Office of Richard B. Rudolph is a unique Newport Beach law firm specializing in problem-solving in the areas of living trusts, business and employment law. With decades of experience, Richard Rudolph leads a law firm that is responsive to clients’ needs for top-notch problem-solving. Besides practicing in the areas of business, employment law and living trusts, Mr. Rudolph also spent decades managing businesses. So he has earned a unique understanding of the struggles faced by clients when problems arise for local businesses, when an employment situation goes bad and even when a family just needs a compassionate helping hand to organize their estate to protect family wealth.

A One-Stop Source For Business And Personal Issues

Because of the nature of the firm’s practice and the rapport established between Mr. Rudolph and his clients over years of working together, Mr. Rudolph has had the privilege of serving many of the firm’s clients in both their business and personal legal matters.

The firm’s practice includes providing legal advice, counsel and services to individuals, startup companies and established businesses in various aspects of business law, commercial matters and employment and labor law. This includes litigation and transactional work. The firm serves the complete needs of clients by producing complete living trust packages to protect our clients and their families from years wasted in probate court and the related expenses.  Mr, Rudolph often asks his clients: Who would you rather have your money? The government or your family?.

Because the firm has represented many small businesses over the years, the attorneys have had the opportunity to represent the interests of a mix of both employees and employers in all types of matters, from wage and hour claims and harassment to hiring and firing decisions, and everything in between. Representing both management and labor throughout the years has given Mr. Rudolph an invaluable base of knowledge and experience with which to address nearly any type of business and employment issues that could arise. We are here to help.

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