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One Trusted Attorney For Your Business And You

Richard B. Rudolph has been fighting for the rights of his clients for over three decades. Clients appreciate our professionalism, our work ethic and, most of all, our results. Your business. Your family. Your life. The Law Office of Richard B. Rudolph is dedicated to representing you every step of the way.

Richard Rudolph Is The Best!!

Richard was very pleasant to deal with during a difficult time for me, he answered all of my questions with great knowledge and I knew I was in good hands. I cant recommend him enough!

– Catherine, Employment discrimination client

Corp Law With Richard Rudolph

Richard has been a great corporate attorney. He has helped with everything from setting up our corporation to stock negotiation, buy/sell agreements, and stock buybacks. His expertise has also expanded into client unpaid receivables, employment agreements and much more. We have been a long time customer and plan to continue our services for many more years to come.

– Karen, Business corporate and litigation client

Great Assistance Through Challenging Times

Mr. Rudolph is one of the greatest assets you could have. He knows exactly how to handle difficult situations that need a little ‘special’ attention.

– Greg, Business client

Extremely Smart And Quick

I am very impressed by how Mr. Rudolph processes information given and how quick he resolves situations. He is a very smart individual that is on top of every single detail. This is an excellent quality that every attorney should have.

– May, Employment client

Knowledgeable And Professional

Richard provided knowledgeable and professional legal advice to me on several occasions. He provided contract and employment advice, as well as estate planning for my family. I consider him a valuable legal resource.

– Stephen, Employment and business client

Aggressive, Honest, Fair And An Eye For Detail That Gets Results

My company and myself personally have had the pleasure of being represented & working with Mr. Rudolph in several substantial matters, all of which have met with favorable results. A reasonable, yet extremely thorough and professional Attorney. Mr. Rudolph has a knack for details that far exceeds so many attorneys we have retained in prior years. . . . Mr. Rudolph does not disappoint. . . . I assure you, you will be pleased by the manner in which Mr. Rudolph treats you as a client and at how he handles your case. His billing is fair and you get what you pay for. . . . I have found an attorney that measures up and has proven his worth by way of successful endings. I can only speak for myself and [my company], hiring Mr. Rudolph for all personal and corporate matters including; entertainment, licensing, agreements, trusts and litigation has been a successful and pleasant experience. You owe it to yourself to give him a call, I sincerely believe you will be pleased with your treatment, billed fairly and most importantly, achieve your desired result.

– Michael, Corporate client