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Is A Living Trust Right For You?

A living trust creates a method of holding one’s property and assets. In our living trust packages, the trustor is alive and can retains all rights as owner and remain in complete control of the property and assets. You may amend or revoke a typical living trust at any time while the trustor is alive.

The Law Office of Richard B. Rudolph provides families in the Southern California community with complete living trust packages at reasonable prices. Attorney Richard B. Rudolph has guided Southern Californians through difficult and emotional estate planning matters for more than 30 years.

The Advantages Of A Living Trust

A living trust can be the cornerstone of the trustor’s well-structured estate plan and legacy. It provides a variety of benefits over a conventional will. Some common advantages include:

  • Avoids probate: Probate can be time-consuming and includes court costs and related legal fees.
  • Controlling the distribution of assets: The trustor can specify the terms of distribution, which might include staggered disbursements or conditions for beneficiaries to receive their inheritance.
  • Privacy: A living trust is private, thus ensuring that the estate’s details and arrangements do not become public knowledge.
  • Save on estate and income taxes: We design our living trusts to minimize estate taxes where possible, and having a living trust helps reduce real property taxes under certain circumstances.

In short, a living trust affords the trustor the peace of mind of knowing their wealth will be managed according to their wishes, with the discretion, protection and efficiency your financial legacy deserves.

What Is Probate, And Why Should We Avoid It?

Probate is the court-supervised legal proceeding under which your estate is wound up and your assets (property) are transferred to others following your death. It typically involves hiring an attorney and often takes as much as two years.

Estates (all the property and wealth of someone who has died) worth at least $184,500 (as of 2024) must go through probate if they do not have a living trust. The gross value of your home is included in determining the value of your estate.

Let’s Talk About Your Living Trust

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