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Business Law In Newport Beach And Beyond

The Law Office of Richard B. Rudolph has established ongoing relationships with many clients and is called upon regularly to assist business owners with both their business and personal legal needs.

Experienced Legal Advice And Counsel

For an attorney, the concept of “business” covers a vast array of disciplines – from the inception of the business idea and forming business relationships through the creation of contracts, professional relationships and companies to implement and protect that dream.

Attorney Richard Rudolph has the experience to provide you with the advice, counsel and services to assist you in navigating your way to success.

Business Transactions

We help you navigate safely through the complexity of state and federal statutes, regulations, and case law, as well as local ordinances, which control and affect your business. We provide our clients with sound, pragmatic legal advice and guidance on a variety of business transactions, including the purchase or sale of a business. We negotiate, review, and draft a wide array of contracts for clients in different sectors of the economy.

Business Disputes: Litigation, Arbitration And Mediation

we are often able to resolve business disputes quickly and effectively, without litigation. When such a resolution is impossible, we represent our clients zealously in the adversarial process. Richard Rudolph is a skilled, experienced trial lawyer. He represent clients as plaintiffs or defendants, both individuals and business entities, in litigation, at arbitration, at mediation, at trial, and on appeal. We enjoy handling cases that are difficult, complex, and challenging.

Business Entity Formation

When a client wants to start a new business, we provide our client with information and advice regarding the different types of business entities that may be formed in California. We explain the structure, the advantages, and the disadvantages of each type of business organization, and we work with the client to select the type that will best suit the client’s needs. Issues involved include ownership, control, management, purpose, potential personal liability, tax consequences, administrative requirements, ease of operation, means of raising capital, and transferability of interests.

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