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Asset Protection

If a skilled, knowledgeable attorney has not set up an asset protection program for you, then your wealth and your assets are at risk; real estate that you own, your bank accounts, your investments, your motor vehicles, your boat, even your retirement accounts, are all at risk. Without an asset protection program, your wealth and your assets are vulnerable to attachment (seizure) by litigants, creditors, and others.

The Law Office of Richard B. Rudolph offers a comprehensive, integrated asset protection program designed to immunize your wealth and your assets from attachment by litigants, creditors, lien holders, and former spouses, and to immunize your wealth and your assets from bankruptcy and foreclosure deficiencies. We custom tailor the program to meet your needs. The asset protection methods utilized include:

  • An Irrevocable Foreign Offshore Asset Protection Trust.
  • An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust.
  • A California limited liability company.
  • Private Placement Life Insurance.
  • A California Statutory Retirement Plan.
  • A Qualified Personal Residence Trust.
  • A Family Limited Partnership.
  • California and Federal Exemptions.

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